Transformation is when when can acknowledge all past, present and future wishes without investment of energy or judgement. A serenity and peace infuses from your soul and creates space in your body.  Feels abundant and prosperous from the inside/out.

Transformation feels like a release and then a transcendence into a new space, energetically.

transformation, abundance, change

It is when……………..

the perfectionist (aka me) says progress not perfection is ok.

you see where you have been, appreciate the lessons with curiosity and smile.

you can teach and share traumatic life lessons with vulnerability

you can send love to someone who may have harmed you

you can feel equal with your colleagues and share skill sets to produce product

you open your heart and have compassion for self and for others.

Transformation is experience without judgement, with objective awareness and profound insight.

transformation, abundance, propserity My own transformation has been phenomenal. Opening my heart to my own potential and possibilities has been wonderful. My life is now more blissful than I could ever have imagined.

Open your heart and compassion to yourself and you will experience transformation at an intensity that light you up from the inside.

Join me at my workshop “Developing Prosperity Consciousness” for a full day of immersion into transformation.  The workshop was developed with you in mind – transforming, transcending and becoming open to your own potential and prosperity.