Where are you feeling fear in your body?

Fear is cumulative. It builds up toxins. And holding fear in your body can lead to major illness.
So knowing where you hold deposit pockets of fear is a wonderful freeing adventure.
Be curious! If I ask you: “Where do you hold fear?” What comes up? Where in your body do you feel it? It can be nuanced so pay close attention.
As a Medical intuitive, I’ve collected anecdotal data where most people hold and feel fear.


When you hold fear in your throat it limits communication. Think about it… Do you choke on your words? Just can’t get them out?


Taking on too many burdens and responsibilities can lead to holding fear in your shoulders. Think frozen and heavy shoulders. Free movement of your wings is impinged. Stops your momentum and it stops you from flying high.

Solar plexus

When you hold fear in your solar plexus it limits your power. You might suffer from the “good girl” syndrome where you give your power away. Because it feels like the “right” thing to do. “Right” according to someone else’s rules. Not yours. When you don’t feel like you have power over your life and decisions, your solar plexus is holding fear.

Low back

Holding fear in your lower back leads to feeling unsupported. As if your dreams are being stopped in their tracks. This is particularly when you are dealing with money issues.


Do you feel pain in your feet? Are you holding fear there? It is particularly painful when you put your weight on them. Fear in your feet stops you from moving forward.

There are ways to minimise and release the fear.

In order to minimise and release fear from your body, you need to identify it. This is the first step.
The second step is to consciously connect and devote time to rehab this area. Yes, real micro movements to clear the path. Blood flow, breath and intrinsic movement pattern establish a new way of being. Helping realease fear from this area of the body.
The third step is to visualise your future. Have this as your focus. This will help you move beyond fear and into the inspiration and actual building of a future that holds what you want and desire.

If pain (fear) persists seek support to find your unique path.

Once you have found and identified fear: acknowledged, appreciate and release, rinse and repeat. Until you get to your new normal.
That doesn’t mean that fear is gone for good. It may come back to haunt you. Remember that growth is not a linear process.
When fear returns, and it especially does so when you are entering new territory, go back and review your micro movement somatic embodied therapy. You may need to add a new intrinsic serving movement pattern. Yep I’m talking not only physical.
I’m talking:
  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Mental
  • Spiritual
The whole gamut. Remember that we go through life as a whole person, and this requires healing with a holistic approach. This means, that we have to account for all the different aspects of our life as we heal. Thinking of ourselves as a whole.

What is whole cannot be broken.

Fear has the propensity to nearly break until you catch it, fold it, contract it and release it. It’s a human condition. It helps us achieve great things too. It can motivate or derail. You choose the path. This is freedom and the human will.
What will you choose?
I choose to meet the fear and do it anyway. What about you?
I invite you to share this blogpost with someone who may be needing to find their fear, and learn how to meet it and release it.

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