Today I want to talk about feminine leadership.

What does it take to lead from a place of intention, balance and space? What is it we need to break our association of leadership with perfectionism? Letting go of the toxic patterns that we have associated with “good and strong leaders” and finding a better way to strengthen feminine leadership.

Not being in a rush, go-go-go
Nor pushing
And most definitely, not filled with stress and anxiety because the to do list is too long.

You know you are here for a bigger purpose. You want to connect, commit and contribute.

But where’s the time?

What if I shared that all is possible from a place of flow, space and peace.

We, women are wired like this but we are taught differently. Western societal models have tight constructs that do not support or honour the feminine way.

I’m on a mission to bring the feminine way back to our normal way of being. How do we rebuild feminine leadership positively and soulfully? How do we get closer to intention, trust, and balance? Especially staying away from a need to control everything and avoid failure.

Our problem is not that we do not have time. Our real problem is our focus. We are building feminine leadership with a focus on the outcome. What we want to achieve and what we don’t want to lose – usually control, or the illusion of it.

Live by Intention and Trust

Shift your focus. Set the intention. 

Be guided along to fulfil your soul’s mission. Once set, the world conspires to deliver. Be ready to receive.

Trust you. Become the embodiment of safety. Be safe and secure within your own skin. Be confident to decide next steps. Be clear and have clarity for direction.

Trust them. Know that there is good in everything. Develop a higher level of discernment and tap into your wisdom. All of this will help you trust others in a healthy and soul-centered way. Yes, you may have had negative, and even painful experiences in the past. But it is time to build networks of trust and growth.

Trust the Universe. You know deep within that a higher power that orchestrates the magic to be delivered. A higher power with a bigger, wider, and deeper view of you. Of who you are, what you can do and what you need.


Is there a correlation between perfectionism and leadership?

I know many women who list as one of their most valuable assets “being a perfectionist”. I understand, we are committed to doing things at our best. Attention to detail, to outcomes, service… But is it truly a quality of feminine leadership?

I lead a group in the study of perfectionism. We have discussed how, as leaders, the imperfections can be our biggest asset. Yes, imperfections, not perfectionism. See how our focus makes a big difference on our actions and priorities?

There are many layers to perfectionism

  • societal narratives: Such as all of those things what we “should” be able to accomplish and how we “should” behave or be in any situation.
  • ancestral soul patterns: Which are cellular embedded in our behavior. Choices we make, most of them unconscious, deeply unconscious, until they become conscious.
  • karmic core wounds: Which show up as shame, betrayal and abandonment, mostly subconscious until they nudge you enough to create awareness of the pattern.
  • the stories we tell ourselves: Stories about ourselves and our journey. These develop overtime. and they are not always true or aligned with who we have become. Every now and again, ask yourself “is this true?”

To study our perfectionism is the journey to freedom.

Choices and freedom to choose are our some of our biggest allies to living an authentic life. Our need and value of perfectionism didn’t happen by chance. Knowing where it comes from for each of us is key.

When we cultivate authenticity, true leadership is the outcome. We step aside from compliance and people-pleasing, and into our deepest self. Being honest…Why do we want to be or become perfect? Why have we embraced perfectionism as a trait of feminine leadership?

Working on the inside, in my opinion, is the most important business growth strategy.

Business growth ensues quickly when you take time to know yourself, find your intention and build trust. If something is missing in your leadership style, it’s probably the inner work.

Do your work! Your life and business will be better for it. Your feminine leadership will grow stronger too!

This is how we do it . . .

Pause to regroup

Stop and make time for your growth process. Initiate a unique aligned spiritual practice that you commit to. This supports cleansing of energies you pick up daily from others so that your own energy can show up. Clearing to make space. Allowing you to remember how your energy feels, owning it. This is your plug-in phase.


It may seem like a strong statement, and it may be so. This is the void space. We know what we know until we know something different. When we unlearn old patterns that are not serving us, we can then find the space to learn new ways that truly fulfill our destiny.


Releasing our immediate vision of what we think I needed in order to create space for the bigger picture. For example: changing the world, leaving a legacy, building community, etc. Take inspired action with a deep knowing that you will achieve your soul’s mission.


Acknowledge all that you do along the way. Giving you foundational structure to support more expansion and more shifts in the world. Every little win counts. And, let’s be real, most of our wins are bigger than we usually claim them to be. This also goes for compliments and testimonials. If anyone has something good to say about you or your work, receive it, and celebrate it!


Feminine leadership is changing the world.

Women in strong, clear, intentional, and loving feminine leadership are changing the world. We do it from a place of connection, community and Circle.


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