I truly believe that we are to be of service to our “soul family”. Our business can become a “soul family”-affair!

Let’s go back to the essence of “soul family”.

To me it’s those who have been assigned to you as their guide, healer, teacher, mentor. You have an instant affinity with them. That deep soul connection and you have a synergy, empathy, an appreciation of the layers they are experiencing. They generally present with an issue that you have experienced and resolved. And you know instinctively, intuitively even, the path forward.

Your soul family is a gift. You are a gift to your soul family too. It’s a win:win. They have a problem. You have the solution. It’s designed that way.

It’s called having a soul experience in a human body.

We all go through stages and phases. We all need support along the way. Share the support you can provide and they will find you. And it’s our job to share our gifts consistently so that they can find us with ease. Because just like you are looking for your soul family. So are they!!

So share your gifts, your knowledge, your wisdom.

Have clarity around the transformation you offer. Be guided by your higher self in what you share daily.

No pressure to share Instead a pull to contribute. To be of service. Commit to this and your social media engagement strategy will change forever.  Yep!! Try it. There is no selling. Sales conversations! Forced scripts. Instead there is a genuine commitment and connection to be of service.

Changing up what you “should be doing” narrative to what you can do with ease and absolute grace.

When I first started integrated the spiritual way in business, my Spiritual Mentor said “Maria, there are two fields. You are playing in the wrong field. Who you are meant to serve is in the other field.”

I mused with that for a while. Frantically search for my field as I wanted to make lots of money from my gifts. I craved financial independence. Then I flipped this to standing in my own field and inviting my soul family in.

So I didn’t have to frantically look for my clients. As I knew they were looking for me. My push to find them in all the wrong places stopped. My energy returned. I was now energised and plugged in more than ever to my purpose. My soul mission was pure and my heart. It doesn’t  have to with stats and targets and making “lots of money”.

Instead it is to be of service and add value. I’m committed to dialling down the noise and dialling up the skull of intuition. And to contribute.

So that my soul family find me with ease.

Guess what happened. Today my soul family does find me. I love my purpose. I’m financially independent. And I’m so happy doing what I am meant to be doing. My soul is full of joy. My body is at peace.

I teach
I guide
I mentor

And my soul family has solutions and they thrive too.

The ripple effect is active.

The legacy is solid.

Connection – Commitment – Contribution =>Builds community.

Raise your head. Offer your hand. Do this consistently so that your soul family find you too. Now that’s what I called a genuine marketing and social media plan. One that works everytime.

Keep going

Your soul family is looking for you! Share your gifts, wisdom, teachings. Be guided. Don’t be too prescriptive. Listen and learn from your soul.

Soul to soul connection is the way forward.

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