How do you read a 5 Card Spread?


Ok so you want to work with the Divine, connect with your guides, become an Oracle even!!!


Yep I get it.


Here is a 5 card spread which you can definitely use as a divination tool to harness the power, get in touch, grow and develop your intuition and connection to the divine.

This is a process I follow and teach my clients too:


  • Take a breath.
  • Clear your mind.
  • Connect with your body.
  • Be present


Ok, now pick up your card deck if you haven’t already. Knock on the whole deck 3 times – this clears the deck. You can also sage them. I usually just knock especially if other people have been playing (working with them).


Ask the Divine “Show me, what do I need to know today?”

Then shuffle and when you are ready – you can choose a card. The card usually chooses you as now you are a conduit for the divine. I know, stay in your heart. It does not ever steer you wrong!!


Then if you want a reading – like you are working on something that you need some clarity on. Eg. a decision or an offer or a new service – shuffle the deck and choose your five cards.


Follow the formula below. The messages should be clear and fast. Go with the first thing that comes – it is usually the one from the divine.

Enjoy. Trust.

New Moon Tip


New Moon Season is a great time to sow your seeds. The cards  help and support you with the how and what you can do to harness the beautiful growth energy of the new moon.



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